QuakeFinder 2nd Quarter 2017 Newsletter – Simultaneity

Simultaneity [sahy-muh - tuh-nee-i-tee] noun 1. the relation between two or more events happening at the same time On April 24th, 2017 at 6:39 pm, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck 22 miles off the coast of Chile just west of the port city Valparaiso. Valparaiso, known by sailors as “little San Francisco”, is the 2nd largest metropolitan city in Chile with a population slightly over 800,000. For a city already jumpy being just miles from the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ fault line, the tsunami alarm issued minutes after the [...] Continue Reading

QuakeFinder 1st Quarter 2017 Newsletter – History of Tornado Forecasting, Part 2

History of Tornado Forecasting, Part 2. This newsletter is a continuation of our series of studies into the history of weather and natural disaster forecasting. The intent of these studies is to understand the pioneering efforts of those who brought us these capabilities, the often-messy process of discovery, the societal reaction and impacts of forecasting, the resistance of establishment naysayers, and all the setbacks and triumphs along the way. QuakeFinder seeks to enable an earthquake forecasting system and gathering these lessons-l [...] Continue Reading

New Study shows linked fault lines in S. California; M 7.4 quake possible

A fault system that runs from San Diego to Los Angeles is capable of producing up to magnitude 7.3 earthquakes if the offshore segments rupture and a 7.4 if the southern onshore segment also ruptures, according to an analysis led by Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego. The Newport-Inglewood and Rose Canyon faults had been considered separate systems but the study shows that they are actually one continuous fault system running from San Diego Bay to Seal Beach in Orange County, then on land throug [...] Continue Reading

QuakeFinder Featured in AI Trends Magazine

QuakeFinder is featured in Artificial Intelligence Trends Magazine With our data neatly arranged in well-understood data sets, we are seeking a partner with expertise in time-series, low signal/noise data, Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning. This article tells the QF story and solicits help from the AI community. The Quest For Earthquake Prediction – An AI Problem? Continue Reading

QuakeFinder Featured In Stanford University Video

What if we could predict Earthquakes? Continue Reading